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PCA Assembly
Electronic Manufacturing of low to medium volume is our focus. We aim to meet your quality, scheduling and technology needs by providing a close partnership throughout the manufacturing build. Automated Surface Mount Technology allows us to meet your higher volume high-Tech requirements. Processes and recipes are used in conjunction with automated equipment to ensure your product is built to the highest quality consistently. Artek’s automated SMT line DEK’s computer assisted screen printer, MyData’s MY100 with Hydra, BTU VIP98,. This equipment is capable of building surface mount assemblies ranging from 01005 chips to 45mm^2 BGAs with ball counts surpassing 1500. Our quality standards are based on IPC and J-Standards for commercial, medical and military standards.
Turn-around on
Prototype Assembly
Your Source for BGA Rework Prototype Engineering & Preproduction Assembly
Don't throw away thousands
or even millions of dollars
on an obsolete product.
Let Artek update or repair
your product and return it to
market; saving you thousands of
Dollars in potential lost sales and
development costs.
Full Service Manufacturing
Upgrades and product modifications

Electronic Manufacturing of SMT and through/hole assemblies

Rework BGA pads and components

Design for Manufacturing (DFM)

Temperature-controlled hand soldering

Custom fixture for cost conscious manufacturing and engineering runs

BGA and CSP rework

X-ray inspection, removal, placement and reballing

Temperature and profile development for efficient product yield

Final X-ray and visual inspection to assure precise assembly

Surface Mount Technology for higher volume

Automated 01005 capability including 10mil pitch QFP and CSPs
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