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July 2020 Artek Manufacturing places an order for new Aqueous Technologies Trident CL Closed-Loop Deionized Water Defluxing System to replace AQ600CL. New unit is estimated to be delivered in mid-August 2020

January 2020 Artek Completes the move to its new Headquarters at 901 Lane Ave STE 300 Chula Vista CA 91914

August 2019 Mycronics My100 LXe-10 is purchased is to replace Mydata MY19 and increase capability to 01005

August 2019 Selective wave gets arrives and is installed by Nordson Artek Manufacturing.

December 2018 Artek selects Aegis’ Factory Logix production software as the tool of choice for future incorporating all Manufacturing Instructions, Inspection Reports and Visual Aids. “This tool has so much potential for integrating the whole factory in a secure Artek Manufacturing.

March 2018 Artek Manufacturing Inc. has demonstrated full compliance with ISO 9001:2015 and has been issued certificate FM 664439 from BSI Artek Manufacturing.

April 10, 2007 Artek Manufacturing has incorporated in the state of California as Artek Manufacturing Inc. Artek Manufacturing was established in 2002 as a contract manufacturer focused on BGA, CSP and other emerging devices. Artek Manufacturing Inc. is now a respected electronic service provider. Services available are Consigned and Turnkey assembly of printed circuit assembly, rework of PCAs, cable and harness manufacturing, box build assembly as well as Artek’s now well know BGA rework and analysis services.

March 1, 2007 Artek Manufacturing has aligned itself with Vision Design Inc, a well know PCB Design and Layout Service provider. This strategic partnership gives Artek Manufacturing the ability to provide DFM input and analysis to new design prior to any assembly process. This also provides Vision Design Inc. an expanded window into Prototype and Production manufacturing which allows for designs that are ready for production faster and more compatible with today’s high tech manufacturing equipment.

February 1, 2007 Artek Manufacturing has signed a lease extension to expand its facilities to twice the manufacturing space. “This will now isolate SMT to its own climate controlled area. It makes it easier to add a second SMT line with minimal impact to the other processes.”

April 26, 2006 Artek Manufacturing has purchased a new Aqueous AQ600-CL batch cleaner. This allows Artek to meet the stringent cleanliness demands of the military and medical industry. AQ600 has real-time consistent monitoring and automatic program requires all PCAs to meet

May 16, 2005 Artek Manufacturing has purchased a Technolab Mobile inspector Flip Chip Endoscope. The Mobile Inspector comes with X350 magnification and 0-150mm focal length. Frame grabber and software are included for email and archiving of captured images. “This tool perfectly complements suspect areas identified on X-ray system with visual confirmation,” stated Jorge Arteaga.

February 12, 2004 Artek Manufacturing has elected MyData Automation as the platform of choice for automated SMT line. MyData’s TP11-UFP with hydra support Mydata’s Agile feeders which consist of smart feeders that retain Part number, polarity and pitch information even after removing from Machine and its docking magazine. “This flexible technology will allow for quicker setup times and tear-downs which translate to quick turn around on high density and higher volume builds,” stated Juan Arteaga.

March 1, 2003 Artek Manufacturing an up and coming Contract Manufacturer of consumer and industrial electronics moved its operations to Sorrento Mesa. Its new facility located at 10225 Barnes Canyon Road San Diego CA 92121 is 1,800 square feet. Along with moving, Artek has purchased an automated SMT Line consisting of DEK260, Philips CSM Series Pick and Place and BTU’s VIP 70. Additionally ESD workbench complete with Metcal soldering irons and Mantis microscopes complement Electrovert’s Econopak wave solder. “With this move we are answering our customer’s needs of offering full service manufacturing as well as our well known rework services, stated Juan Arteaga, general partner.

October 30, 2002 Artek Manufacturing opens for business in Miramar. Artek is founded by Tony Arteaga. Tony has been in the industry as Floor Supervisor, Manufacturing Engineer, Program Manager and most recently as VP of Engineering. Artek manufacturing will offer high level rework and small prototype builds. Initial equipment list consist of Conceptronic Freedom 2000 Rework station and Nicolet NXR-1400 X-ray.
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