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Prototype Assembly
Guidelines for Customer Supplied Kit
The following guidelines and suggestions have been developed to aid customers in the assembly of complete and accurate kits for consignment. Please consider this information when beginning the kit configuration process. We welcome your comments at any time.
Thank you.

Additional guidelines can be found in the following specs:
• EIA RS-383-A Preparation For Delivery Of Electronic components
• EIA 481 Embossed Carrier Taping of Surface Mount Components for Automatic Handling
• EIA-625-1994 Requirements for Handling Electrostatic-Discharge-Sensitive (ESDS) Devices
• ANSI/IPC-SM-786A Procedures for Characterizing and Handling of Moisture / Reflow Sensitive IC’s

Component Packaging guidelines:
• Tape and reel: All passive components must be on Tape and reel. Other standard integrated circuits that should be on tape and reel include PLCC’s, SOIC’s, SOL’s, TSOP’s, SOT’s, and CSP’s.
• Trays: Some components will be accepted on Matrix trays. Some components may be available only on matrix trays.
• Stick: Custom components such as EPROM’s will be accepted in stick tubes.
• Bulk: Components will be accepted in bulk, (loose inside a bag or box) ONLY when it meets the following criteria:
   1. Component will not be damaged (i.e. bent leads, scratched lens, etc.)
   2. Tape and reel, matrix tray, and sticks are not available for the component
   3. Component is not used in large quantities in the assembly
• Whenever possible keep components in the manufacturer’s original packaging.
• Ensure that there is at least a 6” leader on all reels
• Do not break, cut, or split up reels, trays, or stick tubes. The original package is needed for machine placement.
• All components shall be in original condition. (Contaminated, modified, or reused components will be sent through Incoming Inspection Procedure and may be found unsuitable for use)

Packing requirements:
• Component packages will be packed inside a static shielding container (metal-in).
• Fold over bags and seal with ESD label or tape.
• Component packages will be labeled with the following information:
   1. Part number
   2. Total Quantity in Kit
• The kit must be shipped in an enclosed ESD box.
• All static generating items, (plastics, etc.) must be shipped in a separate box from static sensitive items.
• The kit will be packed in such a way as to not puncture, tear or in any way damage components or the ESD packaging.

Moisture Sensitive Devices: (see label sample)
• All Moisture sensitive devices (MSD) must be properly identified.
• Whenever-possible ship MSD’s in the original packages.
• Ensure that the manufacture’s requirements are not violated if the original seal is broken.
• Be sure to fill out the “Bag Open Log” with the date and times the package was opened and resealed.

Documentation requirements:
• All documentation must be placed in anti-static bags
• A packing slip for all the components furnished.
• The BOM for the assembly
• The Assembly Drawing for the assembly
• An AML for the assembly. (Paper copy is not required if a computer file is furnished)
• A FAB Drawing of the PCB (Paper copy is not required if a computer file is furnished)
• A Panel Drawing if the PCB is panelized or has breakaways. (Paper copy is not required if a computer file is furnished)
• A Schematic of the PCB (Paper copy is not required if a computer file is furnished)

Electronic Documents:
• A FAB Drawing of the PCB
• A Panel Drawing if the PCB is panelized or has breakaways
• The gerber for the PCB
• Centroid data (file containing X,Y, Theta, Ref Des); Also known as Pick and Place file
• Netlist (In IPC-356 format)
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